How is poker shown in movies and TV shows?

Poker is one of the most iconic games in the world. As such, it’s been portrayed in a lot of different movies and TV shows. We’ve looked to see how it’s portrayed and how good it looks on screen. Keep reading to discover more about poker on the screen.

The Sopranos

 The Sopranos is rightly heralded as one of the greatest TV shows of all time. While many feel that it comes in second place behind The Wire, in terms of poker scenes, The Sopranos undoubtedly comes out on top. You don’t need an online casino guide to know that The Sopranos has some of the best poker scenes in TV history.

Whether it’s Silvio Dante overreacting when people talk to him during the game or seeing Frank Sinatra Jr sitting at the game that Tony is running, poker in the Sopranos was always displayed with a great deal of respect. It also showed just how much money could be made when playing poker as players won and lost large amounts playing the game.

In terms of the game itself, there wasn’t a great deal shown on screen, but whenever it was shown, it was extremely accurate and looked great.

Casino Royale

 We’re talking about the newest version of James Bond here with this one, not the original Casino Royale – which was a spoof movie. The Daniel Craig movie made a few slight changes to the original book, which saw Bond playing baccarat. In Casino Royale, Bond must win big playing a game of poker against the villainous Le Chiffre.

In terms of how poker is portrayed, it’s shown in a fantastic fashion. From the high-class casino to the great looking set pieces, it shows some great sequences of the game and is one of the better poker showings on the big screen. What makes it so impressive is the fact that a big portion of the movie is dedicated to poker. It means that it is shown in a much more featured role than in a lot of other situations.

Mississippi Grind

 This is a newer movie, and it stars Ryan Reynolds. With this star power in place, how can it be anything but great? Well, if you’ve seen Green Lantern then you know he doesn’t always produce hits, but this is a hit. It’s not just a poker movie. In fact, it shows a lot of different aspects of gambling but also covers the friendship that people cultivate when they travel on the road together. It has a few hard-hitting moments but also has some real feel-good moments to balance things out.

Of course, there is still a fair amount of poker competition involved in the movie and, in fact, a particular scene that takes place on a riverboat is incredible. If you want a movie that has some great poker scenes included but is also just a great movie in general, then Mississippi Grind is definitely a good choice.